Medellin for Christmas

I spent over five weeks in Medellin over Christmas and New Year (yes, I am a bit behind with my blog post writing) and had a fantastic time. It is blessed by a wonderful climate, most of the days I spent there were in the mid 70s with a light, refreshing breeze coming through the valley most of the time.

Nativity scene in Medellin shopping mall
Nativity scene in Medellin shopping mall

Living In Poblado

The apartment I rented was in the quiet, and rather posh, area of Manila, which is in the upmarket Poblado neighbourhood of the city.

Many people criticise well off tourists who visit Medellin and spend their time in Poblado, saying that they don’t experience The Real Colombia. I think that is fair criticism ……. but …….. I will be living a lot more simply while I am working in Palmira. Thus I excused myself a little luxury. Continue reading Medellin for Christmas

Moving to Medellin

Tell people that you are gong to Colombia and their first reactions don’t tend to be “Wow, what a beautiful country” but “Are you crazy? It’s full of drugs and guns and when will your funeral be?”

Tell people that you are going to Medellin and that reaction just becomes more extreme. Let’s face it, any city that produces the answer “cartel” ninety nine times out of a hundred in a word association game has a significant image problem.

But reputations aren’t reality and Medellin’s reputation, although changing, is still based on the situation in the city that is now twenty years old.

Parque Lleras in Poblado, Medellin.

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