Plotting our Road To Nowhere

Map-Latin America blueWhen we set out on this trip we didn’t want to have too many concrete plans. In fact, when we landed in Mexico we only had the first two nights accommodation booked and weren’t even certain where our next town was going to be.

What we did know is that we need to be in Mexico City by the start of September, for our flight to Guatemala City, and that we then want to spend a month on Lake Atitlan, studying in a language school. So, these first five weeks have been a process of us finding our feet and stitching together our route with those targets in mind

By now we have got into a rhythm of looking ahead for the next week or two, and making sure we are on top of travel and accommodation booking and that we are, generally, en route to Mexico City.

Since we’ve started the blog, we’ve had quite a few people ask us what our plans are and now seemed to be a good time to plot out our itinerary on here.

So, we’ve set up a new page, called Route, which shows where we think we are aiming for. As our plans evolve we will update the map.