60 Days to go


The planning over the last year is all really falling into place. Nearly completed my training as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher, told my family, seen the estate agents, sold my car and started the packing.

When I started to push around the idea of leaving my job, renting my house out and living in another country, I don’t think I really believed I was actually going to do it. I talked about it wistfully, maybe endlessly, but I still didn’t have to do anything.

I could still have a dream, without actually getting off the sofa. Continue reading 60 Days to go

My Year of Learning

I remember having two steep learning curves in my life, neither took place at school. The first was when I had my first child, goodness knows how I kept him alive, by the third I knew what I was doing. They all, thankfully, turned out very well. The second was when I set up a company, which grew quickly and is going today; I learnt a huge amount in a short space of time.

What I have discovered is that when I stop learning I get bored. So in the last twelve months I have started to learn two new things, Spanish and Teaching English.

I left school at 15, Continue reading My Year of Learning

Jumping off a ladder!


Just over a year ago I quit my job. What a short sentence!

Behind it lies so much. I wanted to quit my job, before I even had it, about 20 years before actually. In my early twenties I didn’t want to be regular, normal or routine, I had ambitions of being free, seeing the world and having great adventures. I didn’t feel lost or lonely, I just felt excited. I was 22, sold my house (yes I bought a house when I was 21), left my job and bought a one way ticket. Except I didn’t really go, while I was getting all this ready, I met someone, fell in love and a developed a new ambition, funny how your life can turn on a sixpence Continue reading Jumping off a ladder!

Big Plans for 2015

This year, if everything goes to plan, I am going to do something I’ve wanted to do for some time and live and work abroad.

Lake Titicaca from Wikimedia - I want to go there








As of next week I’ll be studying on a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) course for two days a week at Gloucester College. CELTA is one of the more widely recognised qualifications that prepare people to teach English as a foreign language. The course lasts five months, finishing towards the end of June.

There are some significant birthdays (the kind that end in a zero) amongst family and friends in July and so my plan at the moment is to be heading off for Central or South America around early August time.

Hopefully by then I’ll have narrowed it down to a more specific locality. Continue reading Big Plans for 2015