Well we are here, finally. After months, possibly years, of preparation we are finally here. I can’t explain how difficult the exit was, leaving everything felt really hard, especially leaving J,J,& T but someone said to me,” it’s only the mothers that feel it not the children”and that really really helped how I was feeling.

So we landed in Cancun, it’s a bit of a dive, I knew it was going to be and we’re only here for two days, so instead of fighting it, might as well jump right in!.

Within about 2 hours of landing, I was lying in a small pool surrounded by palm trees with the sun shining and for the first time I thought, it’s going to be ok.

The hotel is a little like the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, it’s not crumbling, but the rooms are like little bungalows off twisty staircases and rickety landings. When I walked across the landing before my room an old lady was watering her plants with a watering can, and couple were chatting as they lay in their hammocks and the stress began to fall away. After a swim I sat at the table in my room and started to write my travel journal (on paper with a pen!) and I felt like I really had started an adventure. This is in stark contrast to how I had been feeling over the last couple of days, when I felt like I was going to do 6 months in prison before being allowed home.

So this trip will be an adventure. Feelings will turn on a sixpence and in order to win the battle of emotions I need to learn how to ride the waves.

The evening was perfect, after a fairly long walk, we went into downtown Cancun (which seems to centre around a giant bus station) and found a restaurant that contained all of Mexico. We sat at a table where a Mariachi band played right in our ears, we ate fajitas, I drank margaritas. It was over the top and cheesy – but sometimes you’ve got to jump right in!

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