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I keep one of those time-capsule diaries, you write a couple of lines each night and there are five years to each page. Since I booked my flight, what I write seems more important, because who knows where I’ll be when I write today’s entry next year.

It’s the funny thing about craving spontaneity and adventure, you spend a lot of time wanting to know what it will be like. I try to imagine where I will live, how I will feel, what a typical day will look like, will there ever be a ‘typical day’

When I look back at this, in six months time I wonder ,where will I be writing it from, where will I have slept, how will I be feeling.

This is what I, sort of, imagine.

It’s December, coming up to Christmas (of this I can be certain!) – We will be in a rented apartment in a small town, we may have sourced some sort of tree, branch maybe, and a string of fairy lights. I will go off to my teaching job in the morning, introducing the topic of Christmas and traditions around the world. At lunchtime (I finish work at lunchtime – in my new job) I will walk through the small town and get some groceries, I will spend the afternoon on the balcony marking, preparing lessons. I can’t imagine my view, at the moment I imagine street traders and crowded shops, Colombian voices,mostly women with latin temperament, for some reason, I can’t hear any men. From the other window, I can see mountains in the distance and goats wandering on a rubbly path.

It’s hot, not sunny. Later, when it’s cooler, we will go out and meet up with some people we don’t know now, but will know then. I have some chores to do, but the wifi is on the blink, so I read my book instead.

I will have spoken English in the morning, Spanish at lunchtime and a mix of the two in the afternoon and evening. I will have been for a walk, eaten simple, homemade food, taught, relaxed, socialised and had a little nap to get over it all. I will have time to sink into this life, smiled a lot, worked a bit, thought of home a little.

I will check back on 11th December to see how this panned out, probably nothing like I imagined, but some things are certain. I won’t be battling Christmas crowds in the rain trying to buy yet more stuff, or planning the coordinated decorations for my tree, I wonder if I’ll miss that.

(photo by degrees 720)

One thought on “Check back in 6 months”

  1. Sounds like a good goal. Having the time to just do things, like sweep the patio, or make soup are the things I treasure most in my new life. I even enjoy laundry, taking a few hours to clean and fold everything seems like time well spent.

    You can shape the future however you want. We’ll catch up with you in January – make sure you have some fresh soup for us when we visit!

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